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Friesen Designs Company Information


Friesen Designs is currently looking for various projects in Web Design, 3D Computer Modeling, and Board Sport Innovation and Development.  The objective of Friesen Designs is to provide truly innovative design services at reasonable prices.

Friesen Designs is owned and operated by James Friesen.  He is an Professional Engineer, Certified Engineering Technologist and Certified AutoCAD Operator.   James utilizes over 15 years of practical experience in drafting, construction surveying and design. 

Friesen Designs has been a registered trade name since July 2nd 1997.  The company’s main purpose traditionally has been to help offset the increasing costs of post-secondary education.  In the past Friesen Designs has specialized in Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) and  focused on renovation type design projects both commercial & residential.   These services have included floor plans, site plans, construction drawing packages, and signage drawings. 

With post-secondary education presently complete for James, the future direction of the company in the next 15 years is uncertain.   Ideally, Friesen Designs is moving towards  a structural engineering and project management consulting service, as James gains more structural engineering experience and achieves his Professional Engineer status in the U.S.  However for the present future, while James has a salaried position within an engineering firm, and to avoid conflicts of interest, Friesen Designs will focus on more personal interests such as Web Page Design,   3D Computer Modeling, and Board Sport Innovation.



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