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Latest News

2017.03.15 Two weeks till Red Bull Ragnarok in Norway!   Hope there is lots of wind!

2013.09.22 Great 40 gusting 60 km/hr weekend kiting at Oldman Dam.   Jump estimated at 24 ft.

2013.05.02 Oldman Dam kiting.

2012.10.07 A great day of jumping.  Learned back rolls on my weak side, and front hand  nose grabs.  Photo below is one of my biggest stalefish grabs at McGregor Lake.  Estimated at 18ft.   This was also the first day I felt the wind hold my surfboard to my feet during a jump...  Still a long way from being able to boost strapless more than 2ft.

2012.09.29 I finally learned a front roll kiting.  Still more and more kiters every year.  This was the most kiters I have seen out at one time this season at Oldman.

2012.09.01 A 50 gusting 70 km/hr, 6m Rebel kite session at Oldman Dam.  Still shortie weather too!

2012.08.25 A 30 gusting 50 km/hr day at Lake Newell on the 14m Rebel.  Thanks Newell Sailing Club for the hospitality and the BBQ.  Photos to follow.
2012.07.28 Trying out the 2011 North Free race board this weekend.  Also hoping to get my raceboard operational this weekend.


Custom Windsurfing Trailer For Sale  $1350 (CDN Currency)

  • Extremely well-built and lightweight, most surfaces are aluminum, pvc, or galvanized metal. Can be easily

  • maneuvered by hand.

  • Holds up to six boards on fully adjustable rack.

  • Sail compartment holds up to six sails and is lockable

  • Lockable mast storage, rocket launcher style holds 6 masts.

  • Large main storage compartment for booms, camping gear, and accessories, also lockable.

  • Tongue support for trailer when unit uncoupled from vehicle.

  • Includes 3 brand new trailer tires.

  • Trailer can also be used to carry Stand Up Paddle SUP Boards, surfboards, kiteboarding / kitesurfing kites, kiteboards, kayaks, or a canoe.

  • Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2012.07.03 Incredible 4 hour evening kite session at Eagle Lake, Alberta 70 gusting 90km on a 5m fuel.
2012.06.02 A high wind kiting day at Keho Lake, Alberta on my 7m fuel.    Thanks Sylvia for the photos!


2012.05.09 Bought the new 2012  North Entity footstraps.  Engineered to the Nth degree and super comfy, well worth the extra coins.   Nuff said.

2012.05.09 My new kite quiver is the 2012 North Rebels (5, 6, 8, 11, and  14).  
2012.05.06 Tested a 2011 North Rebel 9m for the afternoon.  Went through the full range from fully depowered in gusty conditions to underpowered.   Big jumps, fast turning, and speedy kite.  Very fun. 
2012.04.10 2012 South Padre Island Kite Round-Up, Texas May 3-6, 2012.

2011.03.23 It is water kite season in Alberta, Lake Keho is ice free!!!
2011.02.04 2012 Montana Snowkite Rodeo is at Jackson Hot Springs, Montana February 18-20, 2012.

2012.01.14 Special thanks to Grace Au at CYREX REPAIRS in Calgary, for doing an AMAZING job modifying my jackets for snowkiting.   She added another zipper to my Goretex jacket, and custom tailored a new panel  for use with any of my other winter jackets.   This will allow me to wear my kiteboarding harness under the jackets and simply feed the hook through the small zippers.  No more jackets riding up with the harness on the outside.

2012.01.13 F-One has a great 2012 kite video called ANTANDROY....  Definitely worth downloading in HD.  It has a great strapless section.     Click Here

2012.01.12 My goal is to update my antiquated Slingshot Fuel kite quiver with newer North Rebel Kites.
2011.12.08 It is snowkite season finally in Alberta!!!


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