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Patent Information

Summary of Steps to obtain A Patent in Canada

Find a patent agent.

Do a preliminary search. (If there's an existing patent, consider ending the process now.)

Help your agent prepare a patent application.

File your application.

Request examination.

Examiner does search for prior patents and studies claims.

Examiner either approves or objects to the claims.

Respond to examiner's objections and requirements.

Examiner reconsiders and either approves or calls for further amendments.      

If final decision is objected to , you may appeal.  


Additional Information

There is approximately 1.4 million patents in Canada ,5 million patents in the United States, and 30 million patents world wide.

Patents & Trade-Marks Preliminary Searches Web Sites
Canadian Patents Database
Canadian Trade-marks Database
United States Patents and Trademarks Databases (USPTO)
IBM Intellectual Property Network (U.S., EP, PCT, JP)
WIPO PCT Database
Europe's Network of Patent Databases
WIPO International Patent Classifications (IPC)

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